For Your Information – Credit Reports, Tax Credits, Testing Well Water & Much, Much More

UW-Extension_opt*Credit Reports – By law, everybody can obtain three free credit reports each year.
The UW-Extension, Free Check your Credit Report campaign website “walks you through the process of obtaining your free reports, reading them, and dealing with any errors. Click here to read a brief by the University of Wisconsin-Extension with more information about free credit reports.”

*Tax Credits for Low and Moderate Income Families is another UW-Extension, FYI valuable resource with regard to a variety of tax credits families may be eligible for to supplement their incomes.

*Do You Use Well Water? Groundwater education specialist, Kevin Masarik, UW-Extension, for the Center for Watershed Science and Education at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, gets a lot of  residents about their well water and how to go about testing its safety. Read more on testing your well water through FYI’s Extension In the News, a selection of media coverage about Cooperative Extension and its people.

Check out the University of Wisconsin For Your Information site for the Much, Much More.