Interested in enrolling in 4-H?

We’re excited to have you! If you are new to 4-H, take a look at the Crawford County 4-H Brochure  to choose a 4-H Club. Contact the club leader and let them know you are interested in joining their club. They will give you the specific details on when club meetings occur and other events in the club.

New enrollments and re-enrollments are now open. All enrollments are completed through 4-H Online.

There are two deadlines – the enrollment deadline and project selection deadline. In order to exhibit at the 2019 Crawford County Fair, members need to complete the enrollment process by December 31, 2018. Again this year, project selection need to be finalized by June 1, 2019. This means you have from the time you enroll until June 1, 2019 to add, switch, or delete projects. Remember that you need to be enrolled in a project in 4-H in order to exhibit in that department at the Crawford County Fair.

Here are some important tips and reminders to help ensure your 4HOnline enrollment is completed correctly:

  • Contact Information: Review your family and individual profile and make sure that all contact information is accurate.
  • Code of Conduct: Read through the 4-H code of conduct with your child. Remember you are signing that you have read, understand, and agree to uphold this code.

Once your enrollment is complete, the Crawford County UW-Extension staff will approve your enrollment.

If you have any questions about 4HOnline, please contact Amy Mitchell or Stephanie Mezera at the Crawford County UW-Extension office at 608-326-0224.