Everyone Has a Fair Story

New at the 161st Crawford County Fair is the “Every Person Has a Fair Story” contest.  This contest has been adopted from the Wisconsin Fair Association Contest called “Every Person Has a Fair Story Contest”.  Bob Williams, the former Fairs Coordinator for the WI Department of Ag, Trade and Consumer Protection (DATCP), created the contest. He was one of the great storytellers in the fair industry. He loved to share his stories, but even more he loved to hear people share their fair stories. Sadly, Bob passed away in 2016, but in his honor, the Wisconsin Fair Association continue this contest, so fair stories can keep being shared. We’d love to hear your fair story!

Every year hundreds of individuals attend the Crawford County Fair and tell their friends about the great time they had. Maybe it was your first encounter seeing a cow, riding the Ferris wheel, eating a corn dog, or serving as superintendent for 30 years, or even getting engaged; but it happened at the fair. Now it’s time to share your story with the rest of the county and, if selected as top story for Crawford County will be passed onto the state contest. The future of fairs is very important in our counties, as well as in our state, but we also must promote the history of our fairs to the general public.

Anyone who wants to share their fair story about the Crawford County Wisconsin Fair is welcome to enter. Share your fair story in 200-400 words. If you have a photo to share even better, but not required.

The Grand Champion will receive $50.00 and a certificate; Reserve Grand Champion will receive $25.00 and a certificate.  The winners will be announced at Crawford County Fair during the Land Conservation Awards celebration on Thursday, August 22 at 6:00 p.m.

Submit to Extension by August 1st!  Access the online entry form visit: https://forms.gle/AP4HtFQhP8JpjF4E7 or if you prefer an electronically fillable form you can the Fair Story Contest Form here..

To contact Amanda Griswold by stop by Extension Crawford County Office at 225 North Beaumont Road, Suite 240, Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, call  608-326-0223, or email amanda.griswold@wisc.edu.