2019 4-H Music Festival

4-H members can participate in events with their club as a group, with other members as a duet, or by themselves as a solo. There are several different categories to choose from:

Group Division: Vocal, Instrumental, Dance, Novelty or Family

Solo or Duet Divisions: Dance, Instrumetnal, or Vocal.

Groups and individuals show off their talents in front of an audience and judge. At the end of all of hte performance, awards are given for each perfomance (Blue, Red or White) and top awards in each category are given out.

The Music Festival will take place on October 12, 2019 at North Crawford School, beginning at 9:00 a.m.

Registrations are due by October 4th, 2019. Please email the following information to Steph.

  • Title of Performance
  • Perfomers
  • Division & Category
  • Contact Person
  • Yes or no if a piano is needed

Divisions include: Family, Group, Duet & Solo

Categories include: Dance, Instrumental, Vocal

Remember the following:

  1. Groups should consist of three or more members. The accompanist, if a 4-H member counts as one of the three members.
  2. Submit titles when registering, this helps with programming and scheduling confusion
  3. You may enter in more than one division