4-H Summer Project Challeges of the Week

Join your fellow 4-H members in a friendly competition each week. While you can get a head start now, each new challenge will officially begin on Mondays and end on Sunday nights. Submit your entry, get feedback from a knowledgeable expert in the area, and maybe even be crowned the winner of the week! Stay tuned to the Crawford County Wisconsin 4-H Facebook page for weekly reminders and additional information for the weeks to come.

Week of Monday, June 22:

Time to upcycle! Transform an article of clothing into a new, useful item. Ideas can include, but aren’t limited to, pillowcases, masks, tote bags, stuffed animals, reupholstery, quilts, rugs, and more! Consider criteria such as design, usefulness, originality, resourcefulness, and execution.

Submission: Picture of original clothing item prior to upcycling and picture of new upcycled creation 

Week of Monday, June 29:

To conclude June Dairy Month, create an original poster examining the different types of dairy cow breeds. Be sure to include explanations of breed differences, pictures, and credible facts. Make your poster appealing to the eyes and help educate others on this important animal in our lives. Submission: Picture of poster 

Week of Monday, July 6:

Do your research about five different birds in our area. What can you find out about them? Become a bird watcher and try to find these birds outside. Create a scrapbook page featuring the different birds, including pictures and some neat facts about them! Consider criteria such as creativity, design, uniqueness, and factual information. Submission: Picture of scrapbook page

Week of Monday, July 13:

Roll up your sleeves and get your hands messy in this baked item decorating challenge. Choose any baked good recipe of your choice, including, but not limited to, cakes, cookies, brownies, pastries, pies, and more. Then, decorate your baked item as you wish. Judging will be based on the decoration of the baked item. Consider criteria such as creativity, execution, originality, and overall esthetic appearance. Submission: Picture of decorated baked good 

Week of Monday, July 20:

Create your own leaf identification chart. Go out and find leaves located in our area. Try to determine what type of leaf it is, and create a poster displaying the pictures and common names of the leaves. Bonus points can be added if you include the scientific names as well. How many different types of leaves can you find? Submission: Picture of leaf identification chart/poster 

Week of Monday, July 27:

Take a nature walk and collect wildflowers on your way. Use these wildflowers to create a beautiful bouquet of flowers that could be the centerpiece at any family meal. Identify the flowers in a short write-up, poster, note, etc. Choose flowers that will work well together in a bouquet, considering aspects such as color, arrangement, life-span, fragrance, and size.

Submission: Picture of bouquet and picture of descriptive poster OR picture of bouquet and typed descriptive note/write-up. 

Week of Monday, August 3:

Design a poster advocating for others to join 4-H. What makes 4-H so special? What are some of the aspects of 4-H? What are some of the opportunities 4-H has to offer? Create a poster that will be helpful to those who may not know about 4-H. Bonus points can be added for showing that you shared your poster with others outside of 4-H (such as by social media, displaying it in a public setting, etc). Submission: Picture of poster and picture of sharing to engage others (if applicable)


Described submissions due to Amy Mitchell at amy.mitchell@wisc.edu by Sunday nights at midnight of each week.  After submission, you will receive a Zoom link to join us on Monday nights at 6:30pm, where we will share our creations from the week and talk about the upcoming project challenge!