Photography Contest for 4-H members

Week of Monday, June 22: Scapes/Scenes (Cityscape, Landscape, Road/Path/Trail, Street Scene & Water Scene) 

Take your camera outside and capture a scenic scape that fits the category. Make sure your photo is centered around the “big scene” and main idea of the shot.

Helpful Tips to Follow: Use the rule of thirds with foreground, midground & background, breaking the photo up into nice even parts. Additionally, a scenic scape will present better as a horizontal image generally. 

Week of Monday, June 29: Nature

No “hand of man” may show in your photo. What does this mean? Don’t include anything man-made in this photo. Make sure everything in it is a part of the beautiful nature we are surrounded by. This is a very open category, as it may be an animal, plant, etc. in its natural setting. Be creative!

A Helpful Tip to Follow: It is best to get very close for this snapshot. Be sure that the subject of your photo is obvious and of interest. 

Week of Monday, July 6: Animals

Try not to show any people in your photo. Photos of pets should show them at their best, whether at play, relaxing, or posed. 

A Helpful Tip to Follow: Show a photo of an animal, not a photo with an animal in it—get close.

Week of Monday, July 13: Lines, Patterns, and/or Designs

Snap a photo focusing on lines and designs. This may be a close-up or a landscape image. 

A Helpful Tip to Follow: Your subject does not have to be recognizable, but make sure your lines or designs are obvious and interesting.

Week of Monday, July 20: Feeling(s) of Love and/or Kindness

Take this week to capture something to you that symbolizes love or kindness. Tell a story by simply looking at a photo showing this warm feeling. This category is pretty open-ended, giving you the power to pick something that means love or kindness in your eyes. Use this opportunity to think about the awesome people, places, and/or things you have around you. 

A Helpful Tip to Follow: Make sure when you look at the photo, you can get a sense of love and/or kindness. Maybe show the photo to a few others and ask how they feel when they look at the photo. Let the photo express itself.

Week of Monday, July 27: Still Life

This photo will be an arrangement of non-living items.  Be sure there is absolutely no living item in the photo-not even a blade of grass. 

Helpful Tips to Follow: Create a theme by selecting 3 or more items that go together.  Use a simple background that does not distract from your items.  

Week of Monday, August 3: Flowers or Trees

Choose any plant life to fit this category. Get close and try different angles for a more interesting shot. Don’t be afraid to take multiple pictures, then pick out the best one. 

Helpful Tips to Follow: Watch your background and avoid clutter. A busy background will take away from the focal point-your plant life. Remember your rule of “leading lines” in this shot. Additionally, photos are of more interest if subjects are in odd numbers; i.e., 1, 3, 5, etc. 

Photo submissions are due to Amy Mitchell at by Sunday nights at midnight of each week.  Stay tuned to the Crawford County Wisconsin 4-H Facebook page for weekly reminders and additional information for the weeks to come.  If you have any questions about photography, email 4-H project leader Nancy Dowling,