Foods Contest

This is a the same Foods Revue as in previous years, jazzed up a little bit.  Have fun creating some culinary masterpieces!  Get crazy with garnishes or go simple with a classic look.  It’s up to you!

Held at Century Hall, Wauzeka, 6:00 p.m.

  • Members need to be present.
  • Each category needs to have a proper table setting for the category.
  • Create a menu with the category item as part of that menu.  Exhibitor needs to have a sample of that food item on the table setting.  The recipe for food item needs to be present next to table setting, along with menu.
  • Project displays should have equipment and visuals to teach an idea.
  • Members may enter as many categories as they wish.
  • There will not be face to face judging as we have had it in the past but members need to be prepared to answer questions if asked.
  • Physical distancing and healthy safety precautions will be in place.  Participants will be notified of precautions ahead of contest.
  • Email name, grade (as of 2019-2020), category number to by July 17th.


Cloverbuds K-2

  1. Favorite food display for healthy snack

Grades 3 and up:

  1. Favorite food display for healthy snakc or light lunch
  2. Project display of food science exhibit
  3. Project display of a tradional recipe made healthier
  4. Favorite food display for lunch or supper
  5. Favorite food display for dinner or international dinner
  6. Book of 10 nutiritious snack, that child can help make
  7. Book of 10 nutiritious meals, that child can help make