COSTARTERS Rebuild Business Training Program is Coming to Crawford County!

Couleecap and Crawford County Extension Launches CO.STARTERS Rebuild Program to Help Crawford County Area Small Businesses Recover

(Prairie Du Chien, WI) Couleecap and the Crawford County Extension are presenting a new small business training program: CO.STARTERS Rebuild! CO.STARTERS Rebuild is a 10-session live-facilitated virtual program that helps small businesses impacted by COVID-19 refocus, stabilize, and build toward long-term recovery.

Entrepreneurs who participate in the CO.STARTERS Rebuild program will be able to confidently move forward with actionable next steps for their business, identify creative solutions, find both short-term and long-term financial stability, and adapt in an uncertain environment. Participants will work with a certified facilitator and dedicated group of peers in a series of 2.5 hour virtual sessions, covering topics that help them adapt and remodel their business to meet changing customer needs. The program uses a simple e-learning platform and live-facilitated video sessions that stream to any computer or mobile device, as well as a physical binder to help participants work through the content offline between sessions. The Crawford County CO.STARTERS Rebuild program is scheduled to start September 17th, and run until November 19th, held every Thursday night from 5:00 pm – 7:30 pm.

The Rebuild program is part of a five-step small business “Road to Recovery” framework created by CO.STARTERS, an international entrepreneur support network with more than a decade of experience supporting successful entrepreneurs. CO.STARTERS Rebuild uses a proven model to guide small business owners through effective business modeling methods in a simple and intuitive way, while connecting them to a supportive community of peers and mentors.

Interested individuals will have the chance to participate in a virtual town hall session hosted by Extension Crawford County and Couleecap. This session will provide background information about the program, allow participants the opportunity to ask questions and give their input on how they’d like the experience to look, and get familiar with the online platform. Please join us for our virtual / telephone Town Hall Listening Session on Thursday, August 13th, from 5:00 – 6:00 pm. Registration link is provided below.

“While we continue to work through this pandemic, we recognize that small business owners need to be proactive in restoring consumer confidence now,” said Couleecap Business & Income Developer Aaron Reimler. “This program will give them a sounding board to work through making the necessary changes to their distribution or delivery system, the tools to help them pivot, and resources to assist in readjusting their business model to account for new market conditions and lingering public health concerns.”

Small businesses are a major economic driver for local economies and have been hardest hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, but often do not receive the same level of support as larger employers. With the Rebuild program, CO.STARTERS aims to narrow that gap.

“With many small business owners across the country feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and alone, we built Rebuild and the Road to Recovery model to cut through the debilitating flood of information and resources and help entrepreneurs find confidence to take the first steps toward recovery through these uncertain times,” said Enoch Elwell, CO.STARTERS Founder. “This framework, support group, and set of curated resources provides business owners with the knowledge, confidence, and connectedness to take decisive action when it matters most.”

For more information about CO.STARTERS network and initiatives, visit To learn about the Rebuild program in Crawford County, visit You can also contact Couleecap Business & Income Developer, Aaron Reimler at (608) 797-5746 or or Extension Crawford County’s Community Development Educator, Jessica Jane Spayde, at 608-326-0223 or

Register here to attend a Town Hall Listening Session:

August 13th, 2020
5:00 – 6:00 pm 


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CO.STARTERS helps individuals and communities thrive through entrepreneurship by equipping them with strategy, tools, and relationships. Building on initial grassroots efforts with small business starters in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the CO.STARTERS network now has an international reach with thousands participating in its programs annually. Since 2008, CO.STARTERS has equipped more than 690 local leaders across 200+ communities, helping more than 12,000 starters move forward with their ventures. From the beginning, CO.STARTERS has pioneered a community-based approach to economic development, and has played a leading national role in increasing small business success and growing entrepreneurial ecosystems.


Aaron Reimler, Couleecap, Business & Income Developer, (608) 797-5746 or

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