2021 Pasture Walk Information from Kickapoo Grazing Initiative

We are now reaching out for volunteer hosts for our 2021 Pasture Walk Season.  Volunteer and local grazier Amy Fenn will be helping us coordinate the season and volunteer Vance Haugen, retired UW-Extension agent and Great River Graziers founder, will help lead the walks/discussions.   Generally, the pasture walks are great opportunities to present new pasture/grazing projects that a farmer/landowner has initiated; to propose an idea for

pasture improvement that you’d like feedback on from the group; to show new or improved pasture/grazing projects after a period of years; and/or to introduce the group to new species or multi-species grazing.  Farmer to farmer learning has been one of the most powerful tools for KGI in promoting managed grazing over the past decade.

We will ask that hosts and participants continue to follow basic social distancing guidelines until such a time that the CDC determines that the vaccination population and low COVID-19 infection rate allow for modification of these guidelines: 1) six feet between participants; 2) wearing a mask unless you are presenting; and 3) staying at home if you are not feeling well/experience symptoms of COVID-19.

The pasture walks are on Tuesdays, generally 10:30 am – 12:30 pm, although may extend a bit longer with discussions and touring operations. Occasionally, we will schedule a special Saturday walk as well.  Likely, the schedule will run May-November, but it will depend on the number and timing of walks scheduled.  Send an email with your name, location, directions to farm, what you graze, any questions/themes, and if there’s a particular month you’d like to host.  Send to: Amy Fenn:  click here

If you’d like to be on an email list for eNews and future KGI activities, please contact KGI Project Director, Cynthia Olmstead through our contact page.