SW WI Farmers Market Connections – Feb 19, 2021

Area Farmer’s Market Managers Meetings

These meetings are open to all Farmer’s Market Managers, Board Members, Vendors, as well as anyone looking to connect with local Farmer’s Markets. People from outside of Southwest Wisconsin are also welcome to attend.

Feb 19th, 2021, 10:00 – 11:00 am

Links and Q&As from the Meeting

Resources about Becoming an Authorized FoodShare/EBT Retailer through FNS:

Am I eligible for this grant?

  • Must be an existing FoodShare retailer with an authorized FNS number
  • If a merchant applies for this grant without that FNS number or before their application has been fully approved by FNS, we cannot move forward with processing their request until that happens
  • Must be a farmers market (FM) or direct marketing farmer (DMF)
    • A Farmers Market refers to an entire marketplace, including all participating vendors.
    • A Direct Marketing Farmer is a single farmer, or family farm, that sells their own farm products.
  • Must be located in Wisconsin

How can I find my FNS number?

To apply for the grant:

  • Application can be found online: https://www.dhs.wisconsin.gov/forms/f01697.pdf
    • Paper copy can be mailed upon request
    • For questions, help, or submitting a completed application: DHSFarmersMarket@dhs.wisconsin.gov
    • Applications will be accepted until 8/31/2021 – though I strongly encourage you to apply as soon as you can to get the equipment sooner and to maximize how much time the State will cover your fees.

Can you use your own personal device when selecting Option #1? In other words, do you need a market-dedicated device?

  • You can use any device you’d like (a personal device or a device specifically used for your business).

After the Grant Ends:

  • All equipment can be kept by the merchant after the grant officially ends on 9/30/2021
  • Novo Dia clarified that there’s no reason to believe their equipment will become outdated/incompatible any time soon, but it’s lifespan is dependent on customer care.
  • FIS clarified that although their equipment (Option #3 – standalone Verifone device) can be kept after the grant ends, it will only function through FIS. The device can’t be re-employed for use through any other company.

Questions (and applications) can also be submitted to DHSFarmersMarket@dhs.wisconsin.gov.

Guest Speaker:
Jess Rutstein
FoodShare Program and Policy Analyst Advanced
Wisconsin Department of Health Services
Bureau of Eligibility and Enrollment Policy
Division of Medicaid Services
1 W. Wilson Street, Room 365

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Please call the Crawford County Extension Office with any questions: 608-326-0223, or email Jessica Jane Spayde, Community Development Educator in Crawford County at Spayde@wisc.edu.