Kids In The Garden

Join other children ages 5-14 at St. Feriole Gardens, Prairie du Chien for lots of fun things that are planned for you to enjoy!!    FLOODING ISSUES –  GO TO LUCKY PARK, WEST BLACKHAWK AVE.  RAINY – CHECK OUT 4TH WARD SHELTER.

**Parent or an adult is required to stay with children under 10 years of age.**

Kids in the Garden is sponsored by Crawford County Master Gardeners and City of Prairie du Chien Park and Rec Department.

Full Schedule – KID’S In The Garden 2019 

Come to one or both of our classes on the Second and Fourth Wednesday’ s of the month. Class times 9:30am to 11am, and 4pm to 5:30pm. As we harvest our vegetables we will taste them and talk about how to use them. For each class we plan a “StoryWalk®” and a snack and beverage.

Wednesday, June 12thPlanting Our Garden and Construction of a Bug Condo!

We will be planting our seeds and plants and making labels for our spaces. We’ve planned a “Story Walk®” and plenty of time to learn about the seeds and plants we planted . We will explore who our “bug guest” might be in our Bug Condo. Hummingbird Feeders will be filled and put up and then we can watch Hummingbirds all summer.

Wednesday, June 26th—Butterflies!

After exploring to see what is ready to harvest and taste, and planting our beans and cucumbers, we will enjoy our “Story Walk®”. Monarch Butterflies will be today’s topic. We will look for butterfly eggs and caterpillars; all will go home with a Butterfly Rearing Kit and instructions to successfully raise their own Monarch Butterfly.

Wednesday, July 10th—Frogs, Toads and Turtles!

After harvesting and tasting our vegetables, we will explore our “Story Walk®” and learn about Frogs, Toads and Turtles and the role they play in our environment.

Wednesday, July 24th—Composting!

After first tasting our vegetables and enjoying today’s “Story Walk®”, we will start our Compost Pile. We will learn what we can compost and what we should not compost. We are starting to lay out our Miniature Gardens as well.

Wednesday, August 7—Miniature Gardens!

Today we are gardening on a miniature scale. After we taste our vegetables and read our “Story Walk®”, we will create a Dinosaur Garden complete with some plants that have survived since the time of the Dinosaur and/or a Bright and colorful Fairy Princess Garden. This is our final session before school starts.