Master Gardener Training – What’s It About?

The Master Gardener Volunteer Program is about making a difference in your community, learning more about gardening. The key focus of the program is about gardening and the Master Gardener Volunteer Program can make that possible for you. They help answer gardening questions, help people grow food, battle invasive plants and protect pollinators, and get people– of all ages and abilities– active in the garden!

The training is intended to provide a basic understanding of horticultural concepts necessary to complete the volunteer service required for certification, as well as learning where to acquire additional information and resources in order to answer questions.  

The key focus of the program is about gardening. 

  • Master Gardener Volunteers (MGV’s) Teach, Learn, Lead and Serve.
  • MGV’s connect people with the University of Wisconsin and with members of the community and are engaged in helping to transform lives and communities.

It’s also about:
• Learning to ask the right questions and knowing how to look up information from appropriate resources,
• Helping deliver meaningful community programs to improve the well-being of individuals and communities,
ttto protect natural resources, and to help keep fresh fruits and vegetables on the table,
• Working in tandem with UW-Extension staff and other volunteers to make a difference in the places we live, learn, and work.

It’s NOT about knowing everything about gardening.

BEING a Master Gardener is about becoming a VOLUNTEER with the University of Wisconsin-Extension to help educate the public about gardening and natural resources.

Steps to becoming a Crawford County Master Gardener…. HERE

What do Crawford County MGV’s do? 

They assist their local UW-Extension educators address identified community needs, such as: Beautification projects in downtowns and parks; Creating safe green-spaces; School garden programs to promote science awareness in kids; Answering garden questions; Facilitate gardening projects at schools, libraries, etc.; Use gardening to teach life skills to the incarcerated and much, much more!!

A FEW examples of volunteer opportunities available to Master Gardener Volunteers are:(COVID-19 protocols will be followed which may make some of these options unavailable until protocols change)

  • Demonstration Gardens. Using land located at the Crawford County Administration Building, Prairie du Chien Public Library, Bluff View Intermediate School, BA Kennedy School, Gays Mills Beautification Project, Crawford County Court House, Crawford County Law Enforcement, & green spaces on Blackhawk Avenue in Prairie du Chien, Bridgeport Fire Dept. Gardens, Crawford County Fairground, Gays Mills Log Cabin Village,
  • Spring Plant Sale. Master Gardener members pot up their perennials & make them available for sale to the public at an annual sale.
  • Answer questions from the general public at the Crawford County Fair “Ask a Master Gardener” Booth.
  • Help with community gardens at St. Feriole Island Memorial Gardens, Prairie du Chien.
  • Respond to horticultural questions from the general public
  • Assist with Master Gardener administrative needs.

How do I know if I’d make a good Master Gardener volunteer?

  • Potential Master Gardener Volunteers should be interested in horticulture, dependable, unbiased and openminded, and willing to help people with their horticultural concerns.
  • Master Gardener Volunteers offer their expertise to local horticulture projects, and they volunteer their services for community beautification projects, gardening workshops, and other programs.
    • Do you want to learn more about plants and gardening?
    • Are you eager to participate in a practical and intensive training program?
    • Do you enjoy sharing your knowledge with others?
    • Do you have the time to attend training and serve your community as a volunteer educator?

XXXXXXXXIf so, you are MOST likely an excellent Master Gardener Volunteer candidate!!

Steps to becoming a Crawford County Master Gardener…. HERE

So, what’s expected of and from me?  How Do I Sign Up?  Answers to those questions are easily found here….

Level 1 Training Registration