Small Farm Resources

Small Farm Resources – “Cooperative Extension resources for beginning, rural-lifestyle and small farms.”

Small Farms Answers Website – “Farm Answers—the Largest Source of Information for Beginning Farmers.”

Financial Planning for the Small Farm – “Some Planning Tools. • Grower to Grower, Hendrickson. • Sustainable Vegetable Production: From Start- up to Market, Grubinger. • Organic Farmers Business Handbook, Wiswall. • Iowa State budgeting tool. • The Internet! • Spreadsheets. • WI School for Beginning Market Growers. • Farm Beginnings Program….”

Budgeting – Small Farm Resources – “Enterprise budgets are an important tool for planning and for ongoing farm financial management. While many producers develop their own budgets, some producers choose to start with existing budgets and adjust them for their own enterprises. These budgets represent only one set of many possible cultural and management practices, and they do not account for geographic differences. They serve as a starting point for individual producers to adapt to their own specific enterprises and situations.”

Other Small Farm Websites – “A number of websites offer useful information for small and beginning farms.”