4-H and Youth Development

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How to Join and Enroll in 4-H:

  • To join Crawford County 4-H contact a General Leader from the table below and let them know you are interested in joining their club. The leader will give you the specific details on when club meeting occur and other events in the club.
Club Location General Leader Phone Number Email
Country Cuzz Mt. Zion Area Gale
Eastman Cloverleaf Eastman Area Jane 608-874-4420 janeachenbach@hotmail.com
Happy Hi-Liters Seneca Area Cindy 608-412-0214 cindypayne1026@gmail.com
Nifty Neighbors Gays Mills Area Liz 608-735-4779 liz.bransky@gmail.com
North Clayton Cardinals Soldiers Grove Area Margaret 608-624-5235 davidsonmargaret2@gmail.com
Steuben River Runners Steuben Area Amy 608-732-5334 amy.mitchell@wisc.edu
Wonder Workers Prairie du Chien Area Steph 920-838-2990 stephanie.mezera@wisc.edu
  • After you talk to the general leader, enroll your family in 4-H Online, by going to https://wi.4honline.com
  • New enrollments are accepted all year. Previous members need to be enrolled by October 15 of the previous year.

There are two deadlines – the enrollment deadline and the project selection deadline. In order to exhibit at the 2023 Crawford County Fair, previous members need to complete the enrollment process by October 15, 2022.This year, project selection needs to be finalized by June 1, 2023. This means you have from the time you enroll until June 1, 2023 to add switch, or delete projects. Remember that you need to be enrolled in a project in 4-H in order to exhibit in that department at the Crawford County Fair.

Here are some important tips and reminders to help ensure your 4-H Online enrollment is completed correctly:

  • Contact Information: Review your family and individual profile and make sure that all contact information is accurate.
  • Code of Conduct: Read through the 4-H code of conduct with your child. Remember you are signing that you have read, understand, and agree to uphold this code.

Once your enrollment is complete, the Extension-Crawford County staff will approve your enrollment.

Crawford County 4-H Policies:

  • Youth in grades 5K-2nd grade are Cloverbuds, Kindergarten members must be 5 years old. 
  • Individual 4-H Clubs can develop their own rules and requirements for members at the beginning of the 4-H year and on file at the Crawford County Extension office by December 31st of the current year. All new 4-H members must be informed of these rules and requirements prior to joining the club.
  • Active members – should participate in more that 25% of the clubs activities attend at least 50% of the meetings, participate in at least 2 county events, and hand in a record book. They will be considered for awards for the Awards Program. Active members will have priority for trips, and only active members are eligible for trip reimbursements, financial support and/or scholarships from the 4-H Leaders’ Association.
  • Passive member – are members who do not meet the requirements of an Active member. For instance, they may participate in less than 25% of the clubs activities (example: only participates in the fair or shooting sports, etc.) Passive members are ineligible for trip reimbursement, financial support and/or scholarships from the 4-H Leaders’ Association.

If you have any questions about 4HOnline, please contact Amy Mitchell (amy.mitchell@wisc.edu) or Stephanie Mezera (stephanie.mezera@wisc.edu), or call 608-326-0224.

4-H Club Projects:

There are many projects that you can choose from. The state 4-H website has great information for you to learn more about your projects.

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If you have any questions about Crawford County 4-H, please contact:

Amy Mitchell, 4-H Youth Development Educator
Extension Crawford County
225 N. Beaumont Rd, Suite 240
Prairie du Chien, WI 53821
Phone: 608-326-0224