Older Youth Opportunities

Trips & Conferences:

Members in grades 7 and up can apply to attend State and National Trips. Any member that is active 4-H Member can participate. If you attend a trip/conference and fill out your reimbursement form the Leaders Association will pay up to 40% or $300. Members can also fund raise money by working with the trip committee. This committee helps you raise money, to help pay for your trip. The money will go into an account and paid out at the time of trip expenses.

To apply for trips/conferences mail or email Amy your 4-H resume and two references to:

Crawford County UW-Extension
Attn: Amy Mitchell, 4-H Youth Development Agent
225 N. Beaumont Rd., Ste 240
Prairie du Chien, WI 53821

Or email amy.mitchell@wisc.edu

Trip and Conference Additional Information:

Crawford County 4-H Ambassador Program:

Members in grades 9-13 are encouraged to apply for this opportunity. Ambassadors will be promoting 4-H throughout the county, assist in leading 4-H activities and events, work with other youth from around the county and most importantly HAVE FUN! 

Applications are now available: 2020-21 4-H Ambassador Application


Any high school Senior, who is an active member is eligible to apply for the Leaders’ Association Scholarship. Members are awarded $150.00 to help with their college education. Scholarship Application

Any high school Senior or college student can apply for the WI 4-H Foundation Scholarships. Visit http://wis4hfoundation.org/scholarships/ for more information.

There are other various 4-H related scholarships available, watch your Clover Leaflet for additional announcements.

Wisconsin Key Awards:

The Key Award is the highest award given in the 4-H program throughout the state. The Wisconsin Key Award Program recognizes a select group of 4-H participants who have demonstrated consistent growth in their 4-H involvement, developed and applies leadership skills, and actively participated in the functions of their 4-H club and community. The award is given to members in grades 9 and above, who have been in 4-H for three years and have one year of leadership. To apply for this award, send your 4-H Resume and cover letter to Amy Mitchell, by mail or email. This happens in September of each 4-H year.

State Art Groups:

Members in grades 9-13 who are interested in Arts and Communications can apply for the State 4-H Arts Groups: Drama Company, Art Team, and Press Team. The 4-H Arts groups are formed for the express purpose of giving 4-H youth the opportunity to develop their artistic and leadership skills in real-world applications at the 4-H and Youth Conference and at the Wisconsin State Fair. Visit Wisconsin 4-H Communications Art page for more information.