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4-H Record Books:

There are two different record books. The Cloverbud Record Book is for members in grades Kindergarten – 2nd grade. The regular record book is for youth in grades 3-13.

What is a 4-H Record Book?

A 4-H Record Book, for members in grades 3-13, is all about reflecting on your projects…bringing more meaning to what you learned, how you learned it, and how you can grow from it! Record books are the final step of your 4-H year; your record book tells your story of your project(s) from beginning to end. It tells what you had hoped to accomplish when you signed up to take the project, as well as the journey of learning along the way. In the end, it gives a recap of what happened – did it go well, did it not go so well, what would you do differently, etc. It is your chance to make sure you have reached the goals you set for yourself when you began your project(s), as well an an opportunity for reflection. 4-H Record Books are a big part of achieving in 4-H!

Why complete a record book? 

In Crawford County 4-H, completing a Record Book allows you to compete for multiple county awards and are considered for financial help from the Crawford County Leaders’ Association for trips/conferences and scholarships for higher education. Awards are given at the annual awards program held in the fall. Record book awards are given based on what you have learned in your project, not how you did in any competition. 

Many 4-H members will attest to the benefit and importance of Record Books and record keeping as they apply for higher education, prepare their resume, and submit applications for jobs.

Remember, to receive a project disk(s) at the Awards Program you will need to fill out 1 project page, project in review, financial page, per disk. You may only receive two project disks per year. You may fill out more project pages if you would like.

Also, to be considered an active member you must turn in a record book.

Cloverbud Record Books:

Cloverbuds are youth members in grades K-2, and complete a modified version of a record book, for their age level. By filling out the Cloverbud Record book, this helps them learn how to do a Record book. Cloverbuds who turn in a record book, will receive an award at the Awards Day program in fall.

Record Book Forms:

Cloverbud Record Book Forms:

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