County Activities

For more information on county events be sure to check out your Clover Leaflet for details. If you have additional questions contact the UW-Extension office at 608-326-0224.

Speaking & Demonstration Contest: is held at the end of February or early March. 

    Speaking Contest: members can pick one of the following speaking categories: interpretive reading of prose or poetry, original prose, poetry, or speech, 4-H creed, solo acting, play acting or the 4-H pledge (this is only open to members in grades K-2).

    Demonstration Contest: Members can enter a demonstration on any topic. There are time limits for the demonstrations. Members may enter one demonstration either as an individual or a team.

Project Discovery Day: is held on a Saturday at the end of March where 4-H members can learn more about different projects from project leaders and hands on learning. At the end of the day members are able to take home the projects they made.

Drama Festival: is held in April. A club may perform a maximum of three plays, however, no member may participate in more then one play. Plays must not exceed 30 minutes.

Shooting Sports Tournament: This is a pre-fair event held in June. Members in this project participate in Archery and Air Rifles. Members that have been hunter safety certified, can also shoot Shotgun Trap, Muzzle Loader and .22 Rifles. Practices are held at Lonnie Achenbach’s Farm in March and April. In order to receive fair premium, exhibitors are expected to fill out the Shooting Sports Fair Description form.

Chopped Challenge: Participants are given 4 ingredents in a basket to work with. They also have pantry items available. They are then given 45 minutes to create a dish.  This event is open to members in 3rd grade and up.

Clothing, and Cake Revue: is a pre-fair event held in July.

    Clothing Revue: members enrolled in the Clothing project are encouraged to participate. Exhibitors are judged face-to-face. In order to receive fair premium exhibitors must participate in the Style Show.

     Cake Revue: exhibitors set up decorated cake displays and answer questions during judging the are pertinent to their display. In order to receive a fair premium, the exhibitor is expected to fill out the Foods & Cake Revue Description form. This event is open to members in grades 3 and up. It is also open to Cloverbuds but not for a premium entry. Youth are able to borrow a cake pan from 4-H for this contest. View this gallery of pans and contact Rhonda Cerven, Cake Decorating Project leader to let her know what pan you would like to borrow.

Crawford County Fair & 4-H Food Stand: The fair is a special time for 4-H Members to show what they have learned in their 4-H projects to a judge. Crawford County 4-H also has a Food Stand during the fair, which is run by 4-H families. The 4-H Food Stand is a county-wide 4-H fundraiser to support the program throughout the year.

Music Festival: 4-H members can participate in events with their club as a group, with other members as a duet, or by themselves as a solo. They can perform piece vocally, instrumentally, or as a dance.

Awards Program: is held in late October. This program recognizes members and leaders for their outstanding achievements during the 4-H Year.

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