4-H Projects

Animal Science projects help youth gain understanding in general animal topics as well as species specific such as breeds, handling, showing, genetics, and careers. Youth also develop life skills, for example, budgeting, and keeping accurate records.

Arts and Communication projects encourage creativity while gaining skills in divers areas of arts and communication. Some projects help the members learn how to speak in large groups and other forms of communication. While others teach more concrete skills like drawing. Art Project

Family, Home and Health projects help youth gain life skills. The projects promote healthy foods, finance, and relationships. Sewing Project

Community Involvement project  creates awareness of the community the members live in and the needs that the youth could fill.

Mechanical Sciences projects shows members how things work and interact with each other. Cloverbud Science Day

Natural Resources projects teach members about the world outside their house and how to be safe.

Plant and Soil Sciences projects are designed to teach members in agriculture topics such as, growing forages, herbs, or other plants as well as demonstrating the need for good soils.

Younger Members projects explore the wide range of 4-H projects and activities for the younger members.

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