YQCA-Youth for the Quality Care of Animals

In Fall 2017, Wisconsin replaced the MAQA (Meat Animal Quality Assurance) program with the Youth for the Quality of Animals (YQCA) national program, a youth education certification program on the issues of animal welfare, food safety, and character education.

YQCA will provide a common framework for food animal quality assurance programs which will:

  • Strengthen the youth educational experience,
  • Improve the care of food animals, and
  • Promote a higher level of consumer food safety.

This program will allow youth to learn about other species of animals; not just the species they show. This program allows for the consistency of information being taught to youth in all states and in all species of animals.

Why quality assurance education?

  • The livestock industry and business are constantly striving for high quality, wholesome products.
  • All species organization have quality assurance programs.
  • Consumers are more interested in how and where their food is produced.
  • United States exports a lot of pork and beef. If there is a poor experience, that market is lost and it affects the whole industry.

For 2024, this certification will be required of:

  • All Crawford County Meat Animal exhibitors, (planning to sell in the auction), must take a YQCA Training.
    • Anyone planning on selling an animal at the Crawford County Fair Meat Animal Auction under the age of 16 and has not shown for two years, needs to take the in-person instructor led course. Anyone over the age of 16 that has shown for more than two years can take the web based YQCA course.
    • Classes are being held:
      • February 15th – 1:30-3:00 p.m. Wauzeka School – Ag Room
      • March 29th 9-10:30 a.m. Crawford Co. Hwy Department conference room – Seneca.
      • April 27th at 2 p.m. at Solar Town Farm and Home – Soldiers Grove
        • in conjunction with an animal nutrition educational session by Kent Feeds
    • Register at https://yqcaprogram.org/
  • Wisconsin State Fair Dairy Exhibitors – can take the online training.


$3.00 per person, per year for the face to face training.  (Please note these fees are not collected locally and we have no control over the format or cost of the program. Costs are paid online via credit card).

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