Science Opportunities

2020 Scientist Live! Episode Access

Starting to wonder what caree may be right for you? Wondering what opportunities exist and which you might be best suited for? If you are a youth in grade 8 or older, you can learn a little about a lot of different science related careers by accessing the 2020 Science Live virtual 4-H career series episodes. To access the recordings register at 

Once you have registered for the recordings you will be able to view them.

Here are a list of Scientist occupations:

Scientist Occupations

Youth Livestock Specialist
Geneticist and Astrobiologist
Dairy Science
Science Outreach Specialist
Science Outreach Coordinator
Biotechnology Education Specialist
Shoreland and Land Use Specialist
Mechanical and Electrical Engineering
Chemical Biology Graduate Student
Large Scale Public Artist
High School Science Teacher
Cabinet Maker
Physical Therapist
Poultry Specialist
UW-Madison Student
Product Development Technologist, Wells Blue Bunny
Mechanical Engineer