Why 4-H?

Just imagine it and you can do it in 4-H!!

Imagine the fun, the friends, the places you’ll go…
4-H offers a wide range of activities for youth ages 5-19 to participate in, from 4-H Club meetings to performing in the music or drama festival to going to Wisconsin Dells for camp in the summer to other summer trips.

Imagine the talents you’ll discover through 4-H projects…
4-H offers over 60 different projects from A to Z. A 4-H project is an area or topic that a member wants to learn more about during the year. All projects may be displayed at the fair or another event.   4-H members enroll in various projects that they are interested in and receive literature as part of that project. Some projects are done individually while others have project meetings or activities throughout the year. Some projects are lead by 4-H Leaders, who are parents or other caring adults that volunteer to guide and instruct youth.

Projects fall into 6 general categories:

  • Animal Sciences
  • Arts & Communication
  • Family, Home & Health
  • Mechanical Sciences
  • Natural Sciences & Environmental Education
  • Plant & Soil Sciences

Imagine the new skills you will develop…
All 4 H’s concentrate on developing youth into productive citizens with skills that they can use for a life time. The widely recognized 4-H Clover emblem with H’s on each leaf stand for:

Head—clearer thinking and decision making, knowledge useful throughout life
Heart—greater loyalty, strong personal values, positive self concept, concern for others
Hands—larger service, workforce preparedness, useful skills, science and technology literacy
Health—better living, healthy lifestyles

Why do young people like 4-H?

Youth like 4-H for a number of reasons, some of the top reasons are:

  • 4-H members have fun with friends while learning problem solving, critical thinking and team-building skills.
  • Hands-on learning opportunities are key to the success of the 4-H program.
  • Youth develop leadership skills at a young age by holding officer roles, participating in public speaking opportunities, and presenting throughout the county.
  • 4-H is a family-centered youth development program and parents and grandparents are encouraged to attend all 4-H activities.

Why do parents like 4-H?

4-H offers children an avenue to develop their strengths through interests, practicing decision making, developing goals and accomplishing them. These life skills are crucial in today’s competitive world.

The Positive Youth Development Difference: 

Research shows that 4-H helps young people excel beyond their peers. The structured learning, encouragement and adult mentoring that young people receive through 4-H plays a vital role in helping them achieve success in life.

Wisconsin 4-H Vision:

4-H Youth Development is a catalyst for positive community youth development.

Wisconsin 4-H Mission:

4-H Youth Development integrates research, education, and community-based partnerships, enabling youth to learn and practice skills to be productive citizens.

To enroll visit: wi.4honline.com

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