Master Gardener Volunteer Program

The purpose of the Master Gardener Volunteer Program is exclusively for horticulture education to supplement the effort of the University of Wisconsin-Extension Program.

Crawford County Master Gardener Association
Crawford County Master Gardener Volunteer Association members are certified Master Gardener Volunteers who are trained by the University of Wisconsin – Extension and are one of more than 50 local Master Gardener Volunteer Associations in Wisconsin.

The Wisconsin Master Gardener Association (WIMGA) developed when local Master Gardener groups banded together in 1972. Crawford County Association had its beginnings in 1998. Their meetings are typically held between mid/late Fall through mid/late Spring the 2nd Wednesday of each month at the Crawford County Administration Building, Prairie du Chien, WI. Between Spring and Fall they hold various meetings and work sessions at other venues.

Crawford County Master Gardeners and their Beautification Garden Projects

The mission of the Crawford County Master Gardener Association is to:
♦   Serve the needs of all gardeners in Crawford County,
♦   Promote community service through volunteer activities,
♦   Recognize members who meet and maintain certification,
♦   Provide for the exchange of ideas and to provide opportunities
tt tto promote understanding of responsible gardening practices
♦   And provide a link between the community and UW-Extension.

 More Crawford County Master Gardener Information:
Master Gardener Association

2018 Annual Report      ♦ 2017 Annual Report
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Master Gardener 2021 Brochure
Crawford/Grant County Story Walk Book List  ..
Time Sheet – You can use the time sheet to keep track of your hours to then use for submitting those hours through the online MGV reporting site.
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Crawford County Project Grant Request
Homeowner’s guide to pesticide safety- YOUTube  This video is produced by Washington State University some time ago; the concepts are still applicable. Recommended by Glenn Nice, County Pesticide Applicator Manager Dept. of  Agronomy, Madison WI
What Should I Know about the Master Gardener Program?
♦  Purpose, Values, Vison  Based on these concepts to – Learn, Accomplish, Do and Make a Difference
♦  Steps to become an Extension Volunteer in the Master Gardener Program
Wisconsin Master Gardener – STATE Program
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