Aging Healthy (Life Span)

UW-Madison Division of Extension’s Life Span programs help individuals, families and communities transition through the aging process by providing programming, resources and support on topics such as, family caregiving, healthy aging and creating aging-friendly communities.

Currently, Crawford County offers two Aging Healthy (Life Span) classes: Planning Ahead and StrongBodies. Our county programming changes throughout the year with new and recurring classes to be offered. Check back in to stay up-to-date on current classes.

For more information, our State Aging Healthy (Life Span) Institute offers a variety of year-round resources available here.

Planning Ahead

Many people wish to arrange their affairs to live well in their later years, and ensure their end-of-life plans follow their wishes. Still, it is something that many people find challenging.  Planning AHEAD is a new online class from UW-Madison Division of Extension, created to address most aspects of end-of-life planning.   More details available HERE


The StrongBodies™ program (formerly known as StrongWomen™) is a 10-12 week exercise program is for all ages of men and women. Each class includes progressive weight training, flexibility, and balance activities. This program catalyzes positive change in people of all ages to live stronger, healthier lives by providing knowledge, inspiration, access to programs, and ongoing support.

Register for the 2024 Spring Session by visiting

Alzheimer’s Association

The Alzheimer’s Association has a plethora or opportunities coming up this spring and summer 2024!
-Educational series on Alzheimers and Dimentia
-Community events for those experiencing Alzheimers or Dimentia
-Virtual and in-person support groups
Find out more here.

Contact, or the office at (608)326-0223, to speak further about the classes we offer!

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