Nutrient & Pest Management Program – The Latest Bumper Crops Videos

Fall Soil Sampling – Keys to Success

NPM Program Southwest Regional Specialist Daniel Smith and UW-Madison & Extension Field Crops Pathologist Damon Smith share tips and techniques for collecting post-harvest soil samples that accurately represent the fertility status of fields. Timing and weather considerations for fall manure applications are also briefly discussed, as is the importance of having a nutrient management plan for a farm. View the video here

Growing Crops with Manure N-P-K Credits

Kevin Shelley, NPM Program South-central Regional Specialist, and Damon have a tailgate conservation about fall manure applications. The information needed to confidently use manure as a nutrient resource is discussed. Spoiler’s alert: they are talking about manure nutrient content and determination of manure application rate.  Check out the video here

The Value of a Nutrient Management Plan

With today’s high fertilizer prices, a farm nutrient management plan is more important than ever. Join NPM Regional Specialists Kolby Grint (northwest region) and Dan Marzu (north-central region) for a brief talk about the value of a nutrient management plan. Viewers are reminded of the fertilizer value of on-farm nutrient sources such as manure, legume crops, etc. Contacts available to growers for assistance with nutrient management planning are also discussed.

Publication: Nutrient Management Fast Facts

Since this issue of NPM Resource Highlights has a nutrient management theme, we would like to remind our readers of NPM’s most popular publication – Nutrient Management Fast Facts. This oversized, two-page publication is packed with useful nutrient management planning information such as manure nutrient content and production values, legume nitrogen credit values, nutrient recommendations for corn, soybean and alfalfa, fertilizer analysis values, crop nutrient removal values, commonly used conversion factors, and more. View and download the publication here.

(Please note: The NPM Program has hard copy versions of the publication mentioned above. Please send requests to noting the number of copies you would like and a mailing address.)

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