Nutrient and Pest Management Program – BUMPER CROPS VIDEOS

New: Soil Organic Matter Improves Corn Yield  UW-Madison & Extension Soil Fertility Specialist Matt Ruark joins Damon Smith (UW-Madison & Extension Plant Pathologist) for a tailgate talk on the value of soil organic matter in agricultural fields. Matt describes the soil health benefits of organic matter and shares the results of a study indicating an increase in corn yield with increasing levels of soil organic matter. Matt concludes with advice for building soil organic matter. Join Matt and Damon by clicking here.

New: Trapping Nitrogen with Cover Crops Matt and Damon’s second tailgate talk explores the use of rye as a cover crop following corn silage. Erosion control, carbon sequestration, as well as nitrogen management are discussed. Learn more here.

New: Managing Fungicide & Nutrients in Early Season Alfalfa Damon, along with NPM Program Southwest Regional Specialist Daniel Smith, talk about the need – or lack of need – for fungicide applications to alfalfa prior to first cutting. Topdress potassium fertilization of standing alfalfa is also reviewed. View the video here.

New: Early Season Pest Management in Wheat  Another new Bumper Crops video featuring Damon and Daniel deals with the practice of adding a fungicide to herbicide tank mixes during early season weed control in wheat. Good agronomic practice, or not? Find out by clicking here.

Publication: Visual Guide to Soybean Growth Stages   The NPM Program publication Visual Guide to Soybean Growth Stages teaches readers to understand and correctly identify the numerous growth stages of soybean. This 12-page guidebook illustrates and describes soybean growth from germination through the plant’s vegetative (V) and reproductive (R) stages. View and download the publication here.

Publication: Visual Guide to Corn Development   . . . . . . and let’s not forget about Zea mays! Our Visual Guide to Corn Development covers corn growth from seed to harvest using clear, annotated images. Available as a 72-page notebook-style publication. You can also download the PDF to your portable device so you will always have it with you.

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