Talking to Your Kids About War, Inflation, Food Prices & More

We are pleased to be able to provide information on how you can to talk to your kids about various topics from talking about war to dealing with everything costing more. To access the information for each topic, click on the picture or title.

How to talk to kids about war  
The war in Ukraine has affected all of us and brought constant images from our news sources.  This can be frightening, especially for children, and often results in a host of questions. If you are a parent with  preschool children, this Responding to Scary Things   document (pdf)  will be a most helpful tool

Teen Technology Use and How COVID Has Changed It 

Teens are active and frequent technology users. And it’s hard to keep up with what they’re doing online.  Teen technology use changes fast as new devises, apps, and app features are released.

When Everything Costs More
Recent trips to the grocery store may be leaving you asking yourself, “Is it my imagination or is everything more expensive?”   The answer is, “No, you are not imagining it”. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, prices of many of the items that we purchase on a frequent basis have sharply increased.

Coping with rising costs fact sheet
With gas prices passing $4.00/gallon in Wisconsin many of us are feeling the pinch at the pump. While many families are still recovering from losing income during the pandemic, the current spikes in prices for gas and food can feel particularly hard to manage right now.
Consider trying some of the strategies presented in the fact sheet.

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