Steps to Becoming a Master Gardener Volunteer


  1. Enroll and complete Level 1 training 

    • Our program has continued to be a premier community service-learning program connecting America’s foremost pastime, gardening, with volunteer opportunities in the area we live.
    • Application form and information is found here

      • Some information, such as background check process, will be done by online submission.
  2. Extremely Important Trainee Expectations every Trainee should be aware of….

    • Minimum of 36 hours of in-depth training involving online modules (stream video lectures, online quizzes, etc.), reading chapters from the Master Gardener training manual related to session topics such as: botany, soils, pest management, entomology, plant pathology, weeds, and much more and attend once a week classes (typically from 6-9pm). This training is offered through the state MG Program Office and your Crawford County UW Extension Office.
      • The Program has a delivery method emphasizing flexibility and uniformity, with several options for offering training. It incorporates a flipped classroom option with the training manual and online videos for outside the class preparation followed by in-class activities and discussion.
    • MGV’s-in-Training MUST complete at least 24 hours of volunteer service in one or more of our locally approved projects and report hours of service by October 1 of training year.
      • MG Training is a commitment if you don’t have 3-5 hours per week for the dozen or so classes, online modules, etc., or the ability to put in 2-4 hours per month of volunteering, then maybe now isn’t the best time for you to apply to the program.
        • If now isn’t the best time for you, when it is, we would enjoy your joining us in this wonderful endeavor!

Interested in pre-registering or signing up?

  • Pre-register by emailing Karen Snitker or call the Extension Office – 608-326-0223
  • To sign up and get more details for the Fall 2019 Level 1 Training   Click  HERE 
  • Be sure to, e-mail Karen Snitker or call her at the Extension Office – 608.326.0223 with any application questions you may have.

♦♦ When no date has been set – the number of applicants who apply will determine the dates and location; applicants will be contacted once a date is set.

For more details, please take a few minutes to read OUR MASTER GARDENER  BROCHURE  or visit the University of WI Master Gardener Program website.

To maintain Master Gardener Volunteer status, annual re-certification is required.  This entails, obtaining 10 hours of continuing education, provide 24 hours of volunteer service by September 30,  $5 dues to WIMGA (WI Master Gardener Association) and $5 annual dues if you choose to  be a  member of the local Crawford County Master Gardener Association.

Questions, need more information? Call 608-326-0223 or e-mail Program Assistant, Karen Snitker.
Crawford County UW-Extension Office is located at:  225 N. Beaumont Road, Suite 240;  Prairie du Chien, WI 53821.