Steps to Becoming a Master Gardener

WELCOME!  We are pleased you are interested in the Master Gardener Program.  

The training offered is an on-line training through the state Master Gardener Program.  There are a series of Steps applicants need to follow to successfully complete the certification process.

Learn about plants & how to take care of them by registering for the Foundations In Horticulture (FIH) Online course.

  • This link takes you to that page – within that page, if there is no link to register for the 2022 FIH course, be sure to click on “Join our email list” so you’ll receive information when this and other courses become available.

Accomplish – Upon completing the FIH course, the online Volunteer Onboarding course will explain the scope of a MGV’s roll  & will also enroll you into the MG program, including the required criminal background check. Final step – complete the entrance exam.

Do – As an Extension Volunteer in the MG Program you’ll apply the knowledge & skills you’ve learned to the people & the communities through answering garden questions, educating others & gardening. A minimum of 24 hours of volunteer activity & 10 hours of continuing education are required to be completed & reported each year.

Make a Difference – Increase the knowledge of gardening in yourself & others. Use plants to improve lives & communities to make the world better.

MG’s-in-Training MUST complete at least 24 hours of volunteer service in one or more of our locally approved projects and report hours of service by by December 31 of the training year.

Volunteer certification and reporting hours is based on the calendar year, January 1 to December 31st.

To maintain Master Gardener Certification, Recertification

To maintain Master Gardener Certification status, annual re-certification is required.  This entails, obtaining 10 hours of continuing education, provide 24 hours of volunteer service by December 31.

Being a Master Gardener is a commitment, if you do not have the ability to put in the 2-4 hours per month towards the program, then maybe now isn’t the best time for registering – but when you do have that ability, we would enjoy your joining in this wonderful endeavor.

If ou have any questions and/or want more information, please, E-mail Karen Snitker, Crawford County MG Coordinator, or call her at 608-326-0223.












University of WI Master Gardener Program website.

Questions, need more information? Call 608-326-0223 or e-mail Program Assistant, Karen Snitker.
Crawford County UW-Extension Office is located at:  225 N. Beaumont Road, Suite 240;  Prairie du Chien, WI 53821.