Strong People – Strong Bodies

Virtual Strong Bodies – Fall/Winter 2023 Session Join us for the Strong Bodies Program – Strong Bodies has been shown to increase strength, muscle mass and bone density. Classes are held twice weekly and include progressive resistance training, balance training and flexibility exercises. You can choose to attend the sessions:   In-Person at the Crawford County […]

Nutrient and Pest Management Program – Resource Highlights

Corn Grain Harvest and Tar Spot, Cover Crops after Corn Silage, Tar Spot: Performance of the Tarspotter Mobile Application, Video: Combine Cleaning to Prevent Spreading Weed Seeds,, Publications: What is a Nutrient Management Plan?  & Benefits of a Nutrient Management Plan and Publication: Management Options for Farms with High Soil Test Phosphorus Levels


It’s easy to spread African swine fever—without even knowing it. The virus can stay on clothing and equipment and survive for months in pork products.
Be aware of these potential pathways and consider them when creating or updating biosecurity plans

County Agriculture Impacts

Agriculture is a vital part of the economy in nearly every Wisconsin county, whether urban or rural. Family-owned farms, food processors and agriculture-related businesses generate thousands of jobs and millions of dollars of economic activity while contributing to local income and tax revenues. The economic impact varies from county to county as do the commodities.

Safe Preserving Tips

Whether you are new to canning, returning to canning because of the pandemic, or have always canned the bounty of your harvest, there are certain tips that will help ensure that your time and efforts lead to safe, healthy food for your family. Be sure to “check out” the information provided by Barbara H Inggham.


Are you looking for ways to face challenges you may be facing this fall as K-12 students attend school virtually and as childcare providers close or reduce numbers? If so, this Guidance for Parents With Childcare Needs may be an extremely helpful tool for you to access.

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