Promote healthy living across the lifespan by increasing access to
active spaces, healthy food options and community resources.
 How will you put your pledge to action?
There are many ways to make a difference.
Here are some  examples that may inspire you!!

Organizations can…

Individuals can…

  • Do a pledge drive in your organization. (Take a picture of those that pledged and send to us!).
  • Encourage a wellness team to look at ways to support health.
  • Promote community activities that encourage healthy behaviors.
  • Make one change within your organization that makes it easier to be healthy.
  • Partner with other groups to make your community healthier.
  • Include health in policies and practices.
  • Put your $ toward the cause by purchasing healthy options.
  • Look at your work place and change one small thing that makes it easier to be healthy.
  • Ask for healthy options at concession stands & restaurants.
  • Encourage local events to include fruits & vegetables, water, and physical activity.
  • Organize a walking group.
  • Talk to local leaders about ways to improve health in your community.

Communities businesses, organizations and individuals area all taking the pledge to help

create a culture of wellness in Crawford County.




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