No Longer Together – Parents Forever™

Parents Forever™ is a “co-parenting” class for parents in the process of divorce, already divorced, or never married but separating.

The class covers how family change affects children, co-parenting, communication and conflict.  Each parent will gain various insights and skill sets that will, through each stage of the transition, help meet their children’s needs as well as help them lead happier, less stressful lives.

Participants will receive a certificate of completion after successfully completing the session for your personal records and/or to provide to the court, if required.

Our next class will begin January 2022   There are nine dates/sessions to choose from.  Please select the session that would best meet your needs:

Tuesday, January 11             4:00 — 7:00pm
Tuesday, February 22           1:00 — 4:00pm
Wednesday, April 6               9:00 Noon
Tuesday, May 10                     4:00 — 7:00pm
Monday, June 27                   1:00 — 4:00pm
Wednesday, August 17         9:00Noon
Monday, September 19         4:00 — 7:00pm
Tuesday,  October 18            1:00 — 4:00pm
Wednesday, November 30    9:00Noon

2022 Co-Parenting, Parents Forever® brochure will be available soon.

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